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The 6 Untold Secrets Of Entrepreneurs

These days, everyone’s an entrepreneur — including your broke cousin living on your couch reselling cheap electronics on eBay. Entrepreneurship is largely seen as a status symbol of people living passionate lives and breaking free of the corporate prison — rarely do the hard truths of starting your own business make it to the light. Here are 6 secrets most entrepreneurs won’t tell you.

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The Future of Work Is In An Office? No Way.

If you work in a boring cubicle, you’ve probably coveted the setup at many tech companies. Huge employers like Google, Apple and IBM have spent billions to make their offices feel less like offices and more like coffee bars, frat houses and homes away from home. Is this the future of the workplace?

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The Power of Killing Ideas

What if you can have ideas generated from every cubicle, workstation, field office, and retail store within your organization? What if you could take those ideas and filter them through a system, using data science and modeling, to essentially kill the bad ideas. The ideas that come out of the other side are likely to be the best, right? Yet 9 out of 10 growth efforts at companies fail.

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10 Real-World Examples Of Machine Learning And AI You Can Use Today

Smart machines and applications are steadily becoming a daily phenomenon, helping us make faster, more accurate decisions. The role of AI and machine learning is set to increase dramatically over the next five years. Here are ten real-world examples of machine learning and AI you didn’t know that you’re already using.

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