Corporate innovation and future of careers

Chris joins Alistair Schneider of Startups Innovation for a wide-ranging discussion on a number of topics:

This video is brought to you by Startupsinnovation. A cool site that helps you learn about the disruption, innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship (Basically how to survive in this ever changing world ?

Topics Covered

  • About Chris Kalaboukis and hHellofuture
  • His book: Innovation Mastery, running the ultimate innovation program
  • Corporations success/failures example
  • How to unearth innovation and innovators
  • Do you really need skateboard ramps and jacuzzi meeting rooms to drive an innovation-friendly environment
  • How the era of endless innovation is changing employee’s expectations and recruiting of new hires and leaders – what you may need to have as a resume line going forward
  • Tips to run a workshop that fosters creativity and new ideas
  • Chris K’s views on “The zone to win” Geoffrey Moore’s new book that proposed the new way of running businesses in the era of disruption
  • Start-up tools in the corporations: Leaner than lean?
  • Corporations and Startups mingling: How to make it work
  • Measuring innovation: How to..
  • The power of serendipity (and what it is…)
  • Homo Superiors
  • Vision of the future (Note the slide says 2020 but should say 2030+…sorry)
  • Q&A
Chris Kalaboukis

Chris Kalaboukis

Chris is a prolific inventor (60+ patents), exceptional innovator (headed internal banking, retail and technology innovation programs), experienced technologist, serial entrepreneur and futurist.

Chris Kalaboukis

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