Dodge Kickstarter Fees And Take Crowdfunding On Your Site With Celery Launch

Why pay Kickstarter 5% or Indiegogo 4% to 9% when most crowdfunding traffic comes from project creators and their own promotion? And why publicize a crowdfunding page that will only live for a month instead of a business’ own website that can take orders forever?

That’s the idea behind Celery Launch, which lets people accept crowdfunding, pre-orders, and traditional purchases from their own sites for just 2% of revenue. Plus, rather than be stuck in the cookie-cutter crowdfunding page design, Celery Launch stores are completely customizable.

Celery lets entrepreneurs take control of their commerce destiny. It give creators a way to seamlessly transition between selling styles throughout their product’s entire life cycle. Today it’s debuting its Launch platform by powering campaigns for the Olio luxury smartwatch and Lockitron Bolt smart lock.