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Achieving Your New Year’s Innovation Resolutions

The annual cycle of introspection and planning is upon us. Innovation is top of mind for most organizations and executives, but only 8% of organizations will achieve their New Year’s resolutions. So what do best in class organizations do to achieve their innovation resolutions?

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Will electric vehicles doom your neighborhood auto mechanic?

Independent auto shops — of which there are more than 160,000 in the United States — have always relied on minor repairs, such as oil changes and new tires, to get customers in the front door. Electric vehicles threaten to eliminate this income stream because they require little to no maintenance. Ninety percent of the auto repair industry has done nothing to prepare for this upheaval – will the auto mechanic go the way of the coal miner?

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Robots Will Create Inequality In The Workplace Unless Government Steps In

Futurists in the U.K. are asking the government to intervene in robot use in the workplace, due to concerns of rising inequality. The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has warned that automation is a double-edged sword. On one hand it has the potential to deliver a powerful boost to productivity; on the other hand, if it is not properly managed by government, there is a danger that the benefits would be concentrated in the hands of investors and a small number of highly-skilled workers, leaving many workers behind.

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Facebook Rolls Out New Facial Recognition Software

Facebook launched a new feature which uses facial recognition technology to notify a person if a photo of them appears on its platform. The new feature is optional but Facebook is pushing this as a new tool to help its users maintain more control over their identity on the site and in particular help crack down on the number of false accounts.

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