NASA is letting you download its software for free, the importance of hiring for innovation, and Goldman Sachs to set up trading desk for cryptocurrencies

Integrating Schools and Industry for a More Innovative Society

Dr. Stephen M. Sweid suggests that with the advent of a rapidly changing society, children ought to start contributing to progress from the age of six. His solution includes learning-oriented but paid work for 3 hours per day in technology. He argues the current school system has been obsolete for over 50 years. His solution aims for emphasis on practical yet useful knowledge over passively receiving information.

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NASA Is Letting You Download Its Software For Free

As part of NASA’s Technology Transfer Program, the organization is releasing its software catalog free of charge and available to everyone. A handful of their products are only just being released publicly, so if there was ever a moment to get in touch with your inner scientist, now is the best time.

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The Importance Of Hiring For Innovation

Hiring managers must keep innovation in mind when reviewing candidates. Candidates possessing innovative qualities and experience contribute to a successful company, directly impacting work culture, business practices, market position, and returns on investment. Innovative qualities, like curiosity, are underrated but reveal a candidate who will push projects and uncover unorthodox ways of thinking in business.

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Goldman Sachs to Set Up Trading Desk for Cryptocurrencies

Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs will be setting up a trading desk for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, with the desk set to be up and running by the end of June. The upcoming trading desk would make Goldman Sachs the first large incumbent to make markets in cryptocurrencies, a move that follows its decision to support the bitcoin futures offered by the CME Group and CBOE Global Markets, respectively.

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