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10 Principles of Strategy through Execution

Quality, innovation, profitability, and growth all depend on having strategy and execution fit together seamlessly. If they don’t fit — if you can’t deliberately align them in a coherent way — you risk operating at cross-purposes and losing your focus. These 10 principles can help you avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your progress.

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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Finance Industry

As artificial intelligence transforms an increasing number of industries, financial institutions and companies are moving fast to keep pace. The AI revolution is showing traction in fraud detection, banking chatbots, and algorithmic trading. Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, but the prospects for smarter trading and the future of money are exciting.

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Augmented Reality May Reinvigorate These 3 Industries

The U.S. economy is facing a paradox. At the same time as the stock market is setting new record highs, many traditional business sectors are being radically disrupted by technology. The good news is that some of the same technology companies that accelerated the disruption are now rolling out tools that could help with these troubled sectors’ financial resurrection: Augmented Reality (AR).

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Uber is hoping to make flying taxis a reality by 2020

Flying cars may finally become a reality – Uber has signed an agreement with NASA to create a brand new air traffic control system to support their forthcoming UberAir service. The flying taxi service is being developed in Dubai, Dallas, and Los Angeles.(video)

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