Use Your 'Duckface' to Buy Stuff Online — Start Up Your Day

Use Your 'Duckface' to Buy Stuff Online -- Start Up Your Day

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Use your "duckface" to purchase stuff online? In a move to upgrade identification security, Mastercard wants to use your selfie and fingerprints as proof of authentication with online purchases, says CNNMoney. It's also considering using heart beat monitors, iris scans and voice recognition to verify your identiy. 

Those crunchy bits aren’t peanuts. Pieces of red plastic found in a Snickers bar in Germany prompted Mars Netherlands to initiate a massive recall in 55 countries, primarily in Europe, over chocking risks, reports Reuters

Facebook builds the world's most detailed population map. With the help of its artificial intelligence and data science teams, Facebook has been using some pretty sophisticated algorithm and satellite photography technology to figure out where people are — with the goal to eventually connect them, reports TechCrunch

Five hundred "fancy" Starbucks to open in the U.S. In an effort to go after the premium market, the coffee chain has opened Starbucks Reserve, a premium coffee chain where the bean blends are limited and the prices start at $4 a cup. Business Insider has more. 

No more hoverboards. Target halted sales on hoverboards after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission put out a report last week saying they're no good, according to Mashable

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