Voodoo, A Digital Assistant For India’s Smartphone Users, Launches With $1M In Seed Funding

With so many price comparison sites, finding deals online is relatively easy as long as you are on a desktop. Things get a lot more complicated on mobile apps, however, especially if your smartphone is the main way you get online, as it is for many people in India. Voodoo, which describes itself as “a layer of black magic over your apps,” wants to help Indian consumers save money by helping them compare services in different apps without having to install a bunch of new ones.

Voodoo launched its Android app last week (an iOS version is in the works) and just received $1 million in seed funding from SAIF Partners. Right now Voodoo compares fares, prices, and coupons across different ridesharing apps and major e-commerce stores, but founder Mohit Mittal says it aspires to do more than find deals and will use its new capital to push out new features on a regular basis.

To use Voodoo, you download its app, which then runs in the background of your device. When you open a ridesharing or e-commerce app (Voodoo is currently integrated with more than 25 apps, including Ola, Uber, TaxiForSure, FlipKart, Snapdeal, and Amazon) and type in your destination or a product, Voodoo’s icon appears and shows you a list of similar options in other apps, even if you haven’t downloaded them yet. You can click on the menu to go directly to listing in the other app or download it.