Why Fashion Guru Nina Garcia Says Thinking 'Shoes First' Can Make You More Productive

Why Fashion Guru Nina Garcia Says Thinking 'Shoes First' Can Make You More Productive

Nina Garcia

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We all have morning rituals, and these habits can shape how the rest of our day goes. For Marie Claire fashion director, TV personality and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia, it starts with her shoes.

“Shoes set [the] tone for what kind of day I’m going to have,” Garcia told Entrepreneur.

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But for some women, fashion is so important that they’re willing to give up comfort for style, wearing shoes so uncomfortable it can be hard to focus. However, they shouldn’t have to. “Technology is moving very fast and it’s facilitating all aspects of our lives, so the next step is how to deliver on the fashion and the practical,” Garcia says. That’s why she’s serving as an advisor to True Gault, a tech infused shoe company.

True Gault has customers scanning their feet to create a custom pair of shoes. The process is simple: the scanning is done via the True Gault app, and users can then create and order a custom pair of shoes that will be 3D printed and delivered to their door in less than four weeks.

And while nearly every industry — from food to education to automotive — has been getting its own tech makeover in the past decade, Garcia thinks fashion is next on the horizon. “We’re in a world where we get our groceries delivered, where we Uber everywhere — everything is in a streamlined process and the next [industry] is fashion," she says.

We spoke to Garcia to learn further insights on fashion and dressing for success.

1. Shoes determine the type of day you’re going to have.

Whether you’re running from meeting to meeting or have a day of running errands — choose your shoes accordingly. Because your shoes are not only an indicator of your personality or style, they can determine how you’re going to feel and what you’re going to achieve that day.

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At least that’s what Garcia believes. “The first thing I do in the morning is look at what my day is like and choose shoes first," she says.

And no, having a slew of back-up shoes under your desk doesn’t cut it. Focus on your presentation from when you wake up, and make sure your outfit caters to everything you have to do that day.

“I think it’s very archaic to have a slew of shoes, or to be carrying your sneakers," Garcia says. "I don’t think we’re living in that kind of world.”

2. Comfort breeds confidence.

The term “dress for success” isn’t far-fetched — many studies have found that when you like what you’re wearing, your confidence gets a boost. But that doesn’t mean you should slip into any old shoes just because they're comfortable, or cram your feet into a pair of too-small pumps.

Feeling confident starts with being comfortable. Not only is your confidence lifted when you’re comfortable, but research shows that productivity and efficiency are affected too. You won’t be productive all day if you’re worrying about your outfit or taking your shoes on and off.

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“I’ve always said comfort is confidence," Garcia says. "When you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, you immediately emanate that confidence. It’s very much reflective in the way you handle yourself, and shoes are a big part of it.”

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