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Everybody Wants Success, but What Is It?

The reason it is so important to find out what success means to you is because it determines the outcome of many of the decisions you have to make in the future. If you know what success really means to you, it is much easier to set goals and milestones for reaching the success.

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Why Managers Need to Start Producing Talent

To face the growing challenges in the business world, it has become crucial to develop future leaders who are able to understand market shifts and respond quickly. Traditional talent management, which has been focused on growing the capabilities of a predetermined group of high potential employees, is beginning to be replaced by an approach that harnesses the ambitions and curiosities of a wide range of workers who are motivated by developing their skills and capabilities rather than by job titles and linear progression.

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4 Keys To The Future Of Work

The future enterprise recognizes that all knowledge work is project work, executed at differing scales, whether it is a small team collaborating to solve an urgent business need, or an entire enterprise working across all departments on a key initiative.

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Elon Musk is right: we should all be worried about killer robots

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, along with 115 other artificial intelligence and robotics specialists, has signed an open letter to urge the United Nations to recognize the dangers of lethal autonomous weapons and to ban their use internationally. Although it sounds like a problem in the distant future, Musk is right to be worried about these weapons right now, and so should we.

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